mini depressors

Every year, it is good remake skis insoles and blades for safety and for the pleasure of skiing in a simpler way. The skis insole need, in fact, to be regenerated, because during the summer it can dry up and the blades are prone to deterioration; therefore they can make downhill on slopes difficult and dangerous.

For ski maintenance, in order not to ruin the blades with mechanical presses, you can rely on special machines, which use vacuum clamping systems such as Vuototecnica rectangular gripping suction cups with self-locking support and release button.

These clamping systems for skis are powered by mini depressors.

Vuototecnica produces mini depressors characterized by extremely reduced dimensions, which can be electrically powered (DO series); small autonomous units for the vacuum production; composed by the combination of a dry or lubricated vacuum pump with a suction capacity floating between 2 and 20 mc/h and a storage tank with variable volume between 6 and 20Lt.

The preservation of vacuum degree inside mini depressor tank, in welded steel plate and with a perfect vacuum seal, is preset with a mini electric vacuum switch (12 02 10), which manages the two vacuum value thresholds of pump attack and disconnection; maximizing intervention terms.

Each mini depressor is also equipped with a vacuum gauge to read out the vacuum degree; a control device, in a special protective case; a manual valve for vacuum interception, a faucet to drain any condensation drawn with use.

Vuototecnica designs products tailored to the needs of its customers. For more information:


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