industrial appliances

The commercial and industrial appliances market served by Varvel consists mainly of machines and equipment for the tourism, hospitality and food processing sectors.

The principal requirements of manufacturers of this kind of appliance derive from the need to reduce the operating cost and environmental impact of their products. Varvel has always invested heavily in research and development and can supply products capable of reducing the energy needs of the appliances in which they are installed.

Thanks to continuous innovation, the latest high-technology design systems and customized components developed to meet specific market needs, Varvel can supply the perfect solution for all kinds of application involving high performance industrial appliances.

By way of example, gearboxes designed and made by Varvel are regularly used in applications as divergent as food processing and cooking, high temperature textile manufacturing, and metal washing and many others.

One of the most appreciated product for these activities is the 3 stage right angle bevel helical gearbox RV Series, easy to integrate into any system, strong and extremely reliable.


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