Garage equipment manufacturers in particular need gearboxes capable of delivering high levels of reliability and strength in order to minimize the risk of their products malfunctioning during use.

Thanks to a genuine commitment to constant improvement and technical innovation, today Varvel brand gearboxes are more and more appreciated by companies specialized in garage equipment.

automotive equipment
Helical gearboxes of the Series RO

Thanks to the ability to customize its technical offering, Varvel has consolidated its position on the market as the ideal partner able to supply personalized solutions and to satisfy the needs of equipment users.

Varvel gearboxes find applications in the areasof vehicle washing and lifting and tyre removal and fitting.

Among the most popular Varvel products for this industry, the most used in this industry are the bevel helical gearboxes of the Series RO, RV and RO2, manu

automotive equipment
Helical gearboxes of the Series RO2

factured with two and three reduction stages and designed for fractional and medium powers.

Thanks to their robust and durable design these gearboxes do not buckle significantly even under heavy loads and can therefore guarantee excellent sealing efficiency.

automotive equipment
Helical gearboxes of the Series RV

Different types of solid output shafts, feet, flanges or torque arm fixing are fully available: every manufacturer can find the gearbox it needs.

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