Thanks to their practicality and versatility, automatic access control systems are very common in all areas of public administration, commerce and industry.
Failures or malfunctions represent the potential critical risks for access control technology, especially in the case of automation systems that are continuously subject to mechanical stress and intensive operating cycles.
Varvel has a unique reputation for quality and innovation and offers a wide range of efficient solutions designed exactly for these applications.

Among the Varvel Group’s product range stand out the worm gearboxes of the Series RS and RT,  made in cast aluminium and cast iron, combining innovative design and high performance.
Resistance, robustness, ease of assembly and versatility are the main features of these gearboxes, that can be easily integrated with electric motors and can assure high level of reliability and performance.

Varvel’s solutions can be customized to match the different needs of manufacturers, such as the climatic conditions and temperature excursions required in different parts of the world.

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