As a socially responsible company, the Varvel Group pays particular attention to environmental protection and offers a range of solutions that combine high technology with low environmental impact for exploiting sources of clean and renewable energy.

The principal need of this market is to optimize the ratio between investment costs and the energy produced by completed installations and Varvel minimizes the efficiency losses inevitably associated with the energy dissipation of conversion process. Varvel products therefore see regular use in solar tracking systems for photovoltaic panels and in yaw control systems for wind turbines.
The RD Series of in-line helical gearboxes is a true example of Varvel’s expertise in the photovoltaic and wind-power industry: made of aluminium or cast iron, these gearboxes stand out for efficiency, compactness, versatility of use and excellent operational reliability, due to their ability to withstand high radial and axial loads and their long operational life.

Varvel products are easy to integrate even in complex energy conversion systems and their resistance to the harshest climates allows them to find applications even in the most extreme conditions.

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