For the realization of vacuum work surfaces, in particular for CNC machines for woodworking, Vuototecnica designed these built-in suction cups with a ball valve able to create vacuum and retain panels to be processed only when these are resting on suction cups.

Only if the panel load activates the valve sealing ball, suction is activated, to avoid unnecessary vacuum losses when there is no piece to be clamped.

In addition, these special suction cups, designed specifically for the woodworking industry, have a sturdy cylindrical support in anodized aluminum and a squared closure block in brass, which prevents the suction cup rotation and also acts as an vacuum distribution manifold.

Macchina-cncOn request, we can produce them in other materials.

To see the designs and choose the suction cups, in different compounds, you can refer to the online catalogue, or, please, request a hard copy to the company or download apps for iPad and iPhone, to always have with you the best solutions for each project.


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