The textile industry requires durable and ultra-reliable technology to meet increasingly strict safety requirements and to ensure high precision machining over time.

Over the years the Varvel Group has consolidated its position as partner to leading textile manufacturers by recognizing and anticipating the industry’s requirements and supplying unbeatable solutions to all its needs.

Varvel gearboxes are designed and made for maximum  modularity, and are therefore easy to integrate in all the machines of the textile production process, not only in the spinning, finishing and fabric shaping phases, but in packaging and storage too.

RN Series parallel shaft gearboxes and RO and RV Series bevel helical gearboxes are among the most popular Varvel products for the textile industry. Thanks to their robust, durable design these gearboxes do not buckle significantly even under heavy loads and can therefore guarantee excellent sealing efficiency.

Great versatility also makes these products ideal for use in custom solutions developed to satisfy specific user needs.

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