The Varvel Group’s offering to the international market includes power transmission systems that have set the highest standards in the livestock and farming industries for over 25 years. Unrivalled experience in these areas allows Varvel to overcome the latest challenges in sustainability, animal welfare, exclusive production systems, indoor climate control, food safety and end product quality. Varvel’s technical solutions are exceptionally versatile and adapt easily to the widely differeing needs of the international market.

Varvel’s offering satisfies the needs of many different applications, from animal feeding to egg collection, ventilation, irrigation and disinfection, demonstrating exceptional versatility.

One of the most common Varvel products for livestock and farming applications is the RS-RT Series of worm gearboxes. These drives are available with two casing configurations, a wide range of reduction ratios, various hollow output shaft diameters, lifetime lubrication, numerous accessories and an ATEX option that conforms to European standards.

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