With months still to go and the two allocated exhibition halls largely booked, industry has demonstrated its strong support for Machine Tools Africa 2017, taking place at the Expo Centre in Johannesburg from 9-12 May 2017.
Machine Tools Africa, launched in association with the Machine Tools Merchants’ Association of South Africa (MTMA), is the biggest trade exhibition of its kind in Africa showcasing cutting edge developments across the machine tool and related industries. Exhibitors in Halls 6 and 7 are mainly the local machine tool suppliers together with their principals.

Hans-Peter Neth, Chairman, MTMA has given their full commitment to Machine Tools Africa so ensuring an industry showcase that is inclusive and reflective of the South African machine tool market. The exhibition will be a showcase of a broad range of machinery, equipment, products and services involved in the machine tools cycle.
“Quality tools and machinery are the backbone of the South African manufacturing industry and this important sector will take centre stage at Machine Tools Africa 2017,” said Neth. “Machine tools will not only be displayed but demonstrated. There will be equipment in machining, such as turning and milling, grinding and drilling, as well as all types of sheetmetal machinery, laser, plasma cutting, bending and punching and presses. And many more machines will be displayed. Also exhibiting will be various suppliers of tooling and CAD CAM software who are an integral part of the successful machine shop.”

The arrival of Industry 4.0 has led the world to gearing up for more automation, with equipment driven and controlled by computers and handheld devices. Machine tool developments never stop and with 3D printing of metal parts, a whole new world in design and manufacture has just begun.
“Daily talks by industry leaders from all over the world will make this event a must for all engineers, company owners, workshop managers and staff. They will learn about these latest developments happening all around us in our exciting industry.”

Visitors to Machine Tools Africa 2017 will include all those involved across various sectors including general mechanics, machine tools, mining, manufacturing, automotive, metallurgy, paper/pulp, research and engineering, aeronautics, aerospace, railways, energy, electronic and IT.


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