Lovejoy joined the growing Timken brand portfolio in July 2016 when we acquired the mechanical power transmission products manufacturer for $66 million.

Based in Downers Grove, IL, with additional locations in the U.S., Canada and Germany, Lovejoy is widely recognized for its flexible coupling design and as the creator of the jaw-style coupling. Lovejoy also manufactures a line of universal joints, hydraulics and vibration dampening products. The company’s Lovejoy®, Curtis® and RunRight® products are considered a mainstay in diverse industries including energy, fluid power, food and beverage, aggregate, paper and steel. Lovejoy employs approximately 300 people.

Timken and Lovejoy share similar roots, with businesses dating back more than a century. Just as we are known worldwide for the tapered roller bearing, the Lovejoy name is synonymous with the elastomeric jaw-style coupling – an industry standard since 1927. Similar to Timken’s commitment to grow beyond our core tapered roller bearing product line, Lovejoy is aggressively growing newer products such as their metallic series couplings.

What Lovejoy Products Do:

  • Couplings join the shafts of rotating equipment together to transmit power during machine operation. Couplings also make maintenance and repair easier, because connected systems like motors and generators can easily be separated by removing the coupling – providing easier access to the system in need of repairs.
  • Universal joints are couplings that allow for the greatest amount of misalignment. These are most commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion. Applications range from steel mill slab casters to marine drivetrain systems.
  • Tensioners and vibration control mounts combine the function of spring suspension, vibration dampening, tensioning and minimal bearing movement to provide a maintenance free solution to areas exposed to shock and impact loads.

Strategic Fit:

Timken and Lovejoy solutions are “adjacent” to each other in many applications, presenting cross-sell opportunities in shared markets like energy, fluid power, food and beverage, aggregate, paper and primary metals. While Lovejoy already holds high market share in North America’s industrial aftermarket, major growth potential exists in the global distribution and original equipment arenas. Our strategy is to leverage strong relationships with authorized Timken distributors worldwide – as well as our relationships with some of the world’s most influential original equipment manufacturers – to grow market share for products both upstream and downstream from the bearing.


  • Lovejoy® Couplings: Includes jaw In-shear, curved jaw, s-flex, motion control, gear, grid, disc and torsional couplings as well as specialty couplings for use in a variety of applications.
  • R+L Hydraulics® : Includes flexible shaft couplings, rigid and noise dampening pump and motor mounts for NEMA and IEC motors, aluminum tanks, custom lids, reservoir accessories and water-oil coolers for fluid power applications.
  • Curtis® Universal Joints: Includes universal joints in alloy and stainless steel for standard applications, as well as special materials that resist high-corrosion operating environments.
  • RunRight® Elastomeric Tensioning Devices: Includes tensioners, sprocket/idler accessories, motor bases, oscillating mounts, rubber suspension units and anti-vibration mounts that are ideal for applications with extremely cold or hot operating temperatures.

This acquisition adds to The Timken Company’s growing portfolio of mechanical power transmission products.


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