The Varvel Group is one of the world’s top suppliers to the machine tool industry. Unrivalled versatility and adaptability allow Varvel’s Italian-made gearboxes to be integrated in machine tools for all leading industrial processes, including cutting, sheet metal working, welding and chip removal.

Varvel products satisfy the needs of the market by guaranteeing the high levels of safety, quality and precision demanded by modern production and assembly processes.

The most popular Varvel gearboxes in the machine tool sector are the RG Series of low backlash planetary gearboxes. These products feature a monolithic steel casing in which the internal ring gear, which contains 1 or two reduction stages, is formed by broaching.

The success of these gearboxes is due to exceptional efficiency, silent running, reliability and low backlash that makes them ideal for use in precision machines that demand the highest level of positioning accuracy.

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