OP, a producer of hydraulic pipelines with more than 30 years of experience, can now offer its clients a complete line of equipment, ideal for the workshop: crimping machine H135ES, cutting machine TF5, skiving machine SPF3 and Insert 02/P.

The crimping machine Tubomatic H135ES is ideal for crimping hydraulic hoses up to 2” six spirals and 3” industrial hose. Its crimping force is of 315 TON and its maximum crimping diameter is of 135 mm. It is provided with a back limit switch and electronic control ES3 and, upon request, it can be equipped with a series of accessories (electric pedal, back mirror, special and marking dies, USB and quality check kit).

The cutting machine TF5 is ideal for cutting hydraulic hoses up to 3” six spirals.
It is provided with a self-braking motor and a cutting speed adjustment device. Moreover, upon request, the machine can be equipped with a fume extractor and a blowing kit.

To skive hydraulic hoses with a diameter up to 2”, O+P recommends the skiving machine SPF3, with a pedal-equipped pneumatic control, which allows to skive simultaneously the internal and external surface of hydraulic hoses, which makes this machine suitable for large-scale production of interlock hoses.

Insert 02/P takes care of the fitting preassembling on hydraulic hoses. This device has an ergonomic design and it is practical and easy to use, thus it allows to perfectly preassemble curved or straight fittings on hoses up to 2”, before crimping.
It has a pneumatic feeding and it allows to adjust the cylinder stroke pressure; it is provided with a front tool-holder.

For any further information, please visit our website www.op-srl.it or contact our sales department at sales@op-srl.it.


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