Automation solutions can save time, money and headaches — automation tools are more accessible than ever before — yet some companies have been slow to adopt the technology. Organizations that are aware of automation are more excited to spend the money on a process like marketing automation. But with the certainty that it offers across many business processes, automation across the board offers a way to make work more efficient.

Areas of Automation
New companies are recognizing this need for efficiency and building automation solutions from the ground up. Their intent is clear. They seek to replace older ways of running a business with automated solutions. For example, Fundbox created tools to determine customer cash flow and payments, enabling others to quickly onboard new clients.
But there are still many missed opportunities for automation. One example is the manual transfer of data instead of integrating data platforms.

Another example: putting meetings on our calendar. Consider how many hours we’ve spent going back and forth with clients and colleagues to arrange appointments, and how much time we’ve lost due to miscommunications and scheduling conflicts. There’s a reason why companies like Acuity Scheduling do so well, and a company like is able to raise millions.
Automation is also increasingly designed with what people want in mind. For example, in accounting, approximately 47% of accounts payable professionals consider manual processes their biggest challenge.


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