The Varvel Group’s response to the international market’s growing demand for customised solutions

ISM and BSM input modules are the perfect symbols of Varvel’s commitment to modular design.

They can be used with all Varvel gearbox families to permit maximum adaptability to final applications. ISM and BSM input modules allow Varvel distributors all over the world to satisfy their customers’ needs by assembling the exact type and size of gearbox they need in just a few minutes without having to maintain large stocks of different products.

The shaft of the ISM input module is supported by two 2RS shielded ball bearings and does not require lubrication. The output side has a half coupling for connection to the corresponding Varvel gearbox.

The BSM backstop module is available in two versions: with protruding shaft, standard ball bearing and backstop bearing and with IEC or NEMA flange and backstop only. The BSM input module can be fitted to gearboxes with a flexible coupling.

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