During last months the interest of media about the “4.0 industrial revolution” is growing, smart factories are becoming reality and soon the majority of companies (small, medium or big size doesn’t matter) will deal with this revolution.

Industry 4.0 is creating an environment in which customer demand is much better understood.

Data will be shared in real-time through complex supply chains and smart factories will manufacture with highly efficient and flexible processes with much less waste (close to zero, actually, the Lean way: creating value without waste). New technologies will allow for the fast manufacture of highly customized products in one-piece flow and in compliance with the customer “takt time”.

The magnitude of the revolution is huge and full of opportunities for the one that will manage properly the change. An evolution is needed, anyone who fails to adapt to new technologies will have a tough time in the later stage.

Following the results of Staufen study “25 years of Lean Management“ in Germany (the main benchmark for Industry 4.0) 95 % of the companies consider the optimization of their processes and reduction of waste to be important or even very important methods in the transition toward the factory of the future.

Are we ready? In Italy, few companies have really introduced the Lean management or Lean transformation projects, prerequisite for Industry 4.0, so the answer is quite clear.

The Italian industry with his peculiarities, like “tailor made” approach, would have great benefits and the competitive potentials are huge but fast action is needed.

At Staufen (German international leader in Lean management consultancy), we can help you through your Lean transformation so if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us at formazione@staufen.it


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