The new ANIE President will be Giuliano Busetto


The General Council of ANIE Confindustria, the National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronics companies, high-tech field and leader for investments in research and development, has designated Giuliano Busetto as the new President of the Federation.

Already president of ANIE Automatione and leader in Siemens Industrial Italian industry, Busetto succeed Claudio Andrea Gemma, in office since 2011.

The new designated president will focus on development of intelligent infrastructures, energy efficiency, especially of renewable energy, and on a constant work of the manufacturing digitization, for an intense development of Industry 4.0.

The program of the designated President will point to the strengthening of relations with the contracting companies, institutions and associations of customers and related markets to ANIE, to the internationalization, to the support of the new Public Procurement Code, to Research and Development, to Education, and it will be realized with a team of five vice presidents, which will be presented to the assembly of the Federation meeting scheduled for November.


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