The European power transmission engineering industry met for its Annual Meeting of the European Power Transmission Sector Committee EUROTRANS on 7th-10th September 2016 in Lucerne, Switzerland. The meeting was held on invitation of the Swiss Drive Technology Group within the association Swissmen.
The meeting’s motto was “Extreme Drives”. The intention was to give the management an idea about current and future trends in the power transmission industry, like the innovative thermo-magnetic motors or the smallest engines in the world.
Eric Goos was elected EUROTRANS President

Eric Goos, General Manager of Hansen Industrial Transmissions N.V., Belgium plant of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, was elected President of EUROTRANS at the meeting. He succeeds Tomaso Carraro, Carraro Group, Italy, who was EUROTRANS’ President from 2013 to 2016.

Eric Goos pointed out: ”With his new ideas and networking topics Tomaso Carraro transformed EUROTRANS into a modern structured European organization. The success of the European training program could also be continued. Together it is our challenge to convince more managers to actively be part of our work in order to establish a strong European network.”
During the discussion with managers in Europe there was general agreement that the European power transmission industry with its cutting-edge technologies and global presence is a leading player in the global market, and a strong European network is fundamental to strengthen this position.
Our products are the key technologies for future trends, such as mobility, efficiency, energy, digitalization and Industry 4.0.
The main future challenge is to cooperate internationally. Especially for small and midsized companies international cooperation and networking is essential to be successful in growing markets and to attract young engineers to become part of our international branch. The secret of our success has always been and will be also in future our highly qualified staff.


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