The robot manufacturers know that to adapt to the wide variety of tasks required in the industrial field is not enough to produce fast robots, with little bulk and flexibility but it must also ensure a good grip of the objects to be manipulated.

Vuototecnica allows maximum efficiency in this field, thanks to the application of vacuum to robots. Consider together the leading products and we suggest that you contact Vuototecnica engineers to have more support concerning your products or services.

We start with Vuototecnica vacuum generators, which are characterized by their light weight and compactness, and easy assembly, directly on the machine.

Ipack-Ima_18This is the case, for example, of FVG (Fast Vacuum Generator), perfect on board of the small flexible picker. FVG makes it possible to grip and to release at very high frequency and it can generate a counter blow in the suction cup.

For applications that require a high frequency of grip and release and at the same time maximum precision,Vuototecnica vacuum cylinder allow a stable grip and are most appreciated for Delta robots because they compensate automatically the different heights of the objects to be taken: essential function for those who must handle small objects in the shortest possible time.

What happens, instead, when we are dealing with inclined surfaces or we need to spin some details? To manipulate curved and uneven surfaces, such as car bodies or molded plastic parts,Vuototecnica articulated joints (GSV and GSVF) recreate the flexibility of the human body, allowing to rotate the installed suction cup 360 degrees and tilt on its axis up to 35 degrees to fit and lock it correctly with respect to the surface of the object to be taken. They are recommended on grippers and on all EOAT (End of arm tooling) where there is a need for adaptation of the suction cup with convex, concave or shaped surfaces.

Vuototecnica guarantee a long lifespan of the components and easy maintenance. All products allow a large energy savings and are made of high quality materials. Read more:


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