Is this hot summer testing your suction cups? No problems with Vuototecnica.

We produce suction cups that withstand high or low temperatures, work at sea level but even in the mountains, outdoors,exposed to the elements or indoors, with abrasive substances or food.

In Vacuum Solutions catalogue you can check the main characteristics of rubber compounds used for suction cups produced by Vuototecnica. You can choose from nitrile rubber or oil resistant rubber to Benz compounds, particularly suitable for the automotive industry. From sponge rubber to silicon, up to special compounds: stain resistant, anti-static or magnetic metal detector responding.

Vuototecnica has a solution for every application problem and invites you to read tables on rubber compounds general characteristics with which it produces suction cups.

Do not let cheated by imitations, each Vuototecnica product is marked with code and logo, to ensure quality!

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