The efficiency and precision of the consolidated RG series ensure that Varvel continues to gain recognition at an international level

Varvel has been building its strength on made in Italy technology since 1955, based on modularity, flexibility and efficiency in the production of reducers and variators for low and medium power fixed applications. The quality and practicality of the products are enhanced by immediate configurability, thanks to kits which are common to all the families of reducers.

An excellent example of this is the series of reduced play planetary RG reducers, which owe their success to the outstanding results achieved in terms of precision, efficiency and lack of noise when in operation: thanks to the characteristics of reduced play and increased reliability, the RG series of reducers allow specific settings for exact positioning and are used in precision machinery.

The RG reducer is constructed with a steel monolithic housing on which the internal toothed crown is made, by means of broaching, which permits the housing of 1 or 2 reduction stages. The series comes in 4 sizes, with reduction ratios ranging from 1:3 to 1:100, with nominal output torque from 10 ÷ 230 Nm, with adaptation flanges and bush adapters which consent coupling up to any type of motor by means of an elastic clamp. Adaptability, outstanding precision (angular backlash < 8’ for one-stage reducers and <12’ for two stages) and noise abatement [< 70 dB(A) up to size RG090 and < 75 dB(A) up to size RG120] are among the strengths of this series, which is much appreciated both in Italy and in all the foreign markets.

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