Efficiency is vital to a successful business, and one way to enhance that is by incorporating innovative packaging solutions into your operations.
From fast-casual to institutional kitchens, resourcefully designed food packaging can help food service operations overcome challenges in the backroom by providing high-quality, fresh food that is portioned and ready for assembly to ensure quick, cost-effective service to customers.

Additionally, by incorporating easy-open solutions food service operators reduce the potential of cross contamination as well as the risk of injury from sharp objects such as scissors and knives used to open food packaging. Easy-open packaging also reduces the potential for unwanted spills and the cleanup hassles that come with them.
More than just reducing prep time and maximizing efficiencies in the backroom, innovative packaging can also cut costs related to food waste and spoilage—which is an enormous cost to business. In fact, food wasted due to spoilage costs an estimated $165 billion each year in the U.S. alone.
While it’s understandable that food service operators must keep enough food on hand to ensure they can accommodate an unexpected busy night, many often end up prepping and cooking more than required, and have to throw away the unused portions.

According to the EPA, each year food accounts for approximately 15 percent of landfill waste. With sustainability issues playing a larger role in consumers’ minds and spending decisions, cutting down on food waste presents a competitive advantage to those looking to get ahead of the curve. In fact, according to Sealed Air’s 2014 consumer waste study, eight in 10 Americans think more highly of stores and food brands that help them reduce food waste. And while consumers acknowledge they share the blame for the food waste problem, a high percentage of Americans expect food establishments to be part of the solution.


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