The annual assembles of the ASSOFLUID, the Italian association of builders and workers of the oleo-hydraulic and pneumatic sector, and of the ASSIOT, the Italian association of the developers of transmission organs and mechanisms recently took place at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin.

After a good year in 2014, the 2015 saw a setback in the market of the of the power transmission: the fluid technology registered a drop of the -0,3%, whilst the transmission organs were stable. What had consequences on the market, though, was not this fact, but the opportunities that the national companies did not manage to exploit in relation to the growth in the internal market, which showed an overall increase of more than two and a half points: +2,5% for the fluidpower and +2,9% for the mechanical power transmission.

The import market took advantage of the situation, with an increase of the 6%. Concerning the fluid-power sector, breaking up the data, a fundamental difference between the pneumatic and the oleo-hydraulic branches is noticeable. With an overall production value of 689 millions of euros, roughly a third of the oleo-hydraulic sector, worth 2.269 millions of euros, the pneumatic sector had an increase of +3,2%. Although this looks like a good result, it is not quite so in relation to the overall internal market increase of 2014, +8,8%. Full stalemate, as for the mechanical power transmission, for the oleo-hydraulic sector, with an increase in the import of +1,7%, a production decrease of -1,3% and internal market decrease of -0,8%.

The previsions for the first months of 2016 seem to show a slight rise, with some differences with the same tendency of 2015. The sector with the best performance is the pneumatic one, with an internal market growth of +7,9%. The oleo-hydraulic market seems rising as well, with a sales volume increase of +4,7%, but the amount of orders has a downturn of more than -3%. Mechanical transmission sector is doing well, and previsions for the first semester of 2016 indicate a growth only of +2%, the overall market value increased by 130 millions of euros.


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