Varvel SpA, a Bologna-based company specializing in power transmission systems, is proposing specific reducers for applications in agriculture and farming.

Varvel SpA, a historic Bologna-based company active throughout the world in the production of speed reducers and variators, has been providing solutions able to respond to the needs of numerous markets for sixty years.

Amongst these are the agriculture and farming sectors, for which a line of reducers, VARfarm, has been developed specifically for applications relative to animal feeding, egg collection, the opening and closing of cages and windows, field irrigation, cleaning of buildings and production facilities and others. All of these are usage contexts where highly flexible technology is required which is able to ensure prevention and food safety, which are essential values for this type of applications.

Among the best known products in the VARfarm line is RP90, an helical gearbox  with single reduction used mainly to activate feeders in  ground line feeding systems used in the poultry sector.

It is a reducer which is available in a single size in die-cast aluminium, which is ideal for low and medium power applications.

It is characterized by  elastic coupling in input, shafts and flanges in output with a range of different configurations, long-life lubrification  and high productivity.

All Varvel’s worm and helical gearboxes can be used with suitable homologated FDA (Food and Drug Administration) lubrificators in class H1 for the food industry, maintaining their mechanical performance unaltered. To increase protection from external  corrosive agents for the cleaning of machinery, another version of these reducers is available which foresees the painting of external surfaces with substances which are homologated for use in the food industry.


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