Technology Hub, at Milan from 7 to 9 of June, at Fiera MilanoCity.

Changes the way of doing business thanks especially to technology. Today the businessmen have the opportunities to take on with success new applications, new markets, new competitive environments, especially the small-medium businessmen that are the cornerstone of Italian industry.

How to do this? What are the technologies to overcome the new challenges?

It is the question who seek to respond the Technology Hub event, at Milan from 7 to 9 June 2016. Three days of workshops, conferences, live demonstrations, showrooms, all dedicated to the innovation sector. 3D printing, additive manufacturing, drones, electronic, internet of Things, robotics of services and collaborative robotics are sectors in strong growth, that involve all the levels of undertaking of small and medium companies until the big industrial groups that result essential for our country development and for the manufacturing sector innovation.

A trend confirmed also from the Istituto Adriano Olivetti research, that highlights that in 2015 the investments of small and medium enterprises in the new technologies have increased further, sawing a +4% than the formerly important increase of 2014.

Technology Hub will be an event dedicated to the companies and to professional that love keep up on the most advanced technologies. The sectors concerned are almost infinite: aerospace, architecture, design, dental, educational, photogrammetry, energy, environment, jewellery, industry, logistics, medical, mobility, marine, security, smart city, wearable, museum, office and data processing, communication.


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