There was an epoch which the new age of Italian manufacturing (and not just) seemed to be necessarily the outsourcing. In order to be able to continue to compete it was necessary reduce the work and the energy’s costs moving processing in areas and countries where these two factors are lower compared to Italy.

Now some companies are coming back. Problems linked to gap of work and the energy’s costs are still present, but for manufacturing made in Italy is getting priority invest in high quality and in “to be able to do”, as competitive elements.

The last report Cer (Centre for european research) “Attract development”, achieved with Unindustria, is dedicated to reshoring. The datas, updated at June 2015, speak of 101 cases of outsourcing productive in Italy. These companies had been relocated in China (34,6%) e in East Europe (26,7%). About the cases of outsourcing productive in Italy, textilesclothing sector stands out (43% of return cases), then there is electrical and electronic equipment’s sector (21%) and, in the end, the mechanical sector (8,9%).

In fact the major reshoring supporter is Sistema moda Italia (Smi): “Reshoring gives an added value to entire chain , both for a more control and for a better time to market for Italian manufacturing” said Claudio Marenzi, Smi’s President.

Gaetano Fausto Esposito, Assocamerestero Secretary-General, said: “For Cer report, presented in a conference organized with Assocamerestero and Unioncamere, more than 70% of cases focuses on fashion sector market, on electronic sector and on machine tools’ sector. On these chains the positive effect of “made in” plays a important role for saving economy of production and advises a raising of the reference target of companies to consumer group with a high purchasing power”.


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