50 millions are the companies in the world that have a page on Facebook, three million per month choose to get publicity for hire on this social in order to extend their own audience. States this Luca Colombo, country manager of Facebook Italy, during the Roman step of roadshow “Boosts your Business”, organized in Italy with Confcommercio in order to educate the Pmi in use of social media.

Colombo said that in Italy 28 millions of persons use Facebook every day, 25 millions with mobile devices and 3 millions persons connect themselves. The 87% of Italian people has a connection with a Pml. “In order to stimulate the economic growth in our country we have to create the context that can support the Pmi. The digitisation can play a important role, allowing to many Pmi to facing themselves on foreign markets and conquer new business possibilities”, said Colombo. Takes the same Colombo’s opinion the president of young businessman of Confcommercio Alessandro Micheli: “To talk about Pmi’s economic growth and development today is to talk about also of digitisation, competences and digital knowledge”.

The government intends to play its part. “On the ultra-wideband, Italy starts from the retrocession zone, but we want bring it in Champions League zone within 2020” has assured Antonello Giacomelli, the undersecretary to Development with a mandate to Communication.

According to Istat “the benefits of fiber’s laying, only in white areas, in term of productivity for the small farms will produce growth from 7% to 23%, because in white areas the micro-businesses’ presence is much more relevant. But the fiber use is only a precondition: unfortunately for a lot of micro-businesses digital is still matter for nerds”.


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