There is evidence that fighting against symptoms doesn’t help to eliminate the causes; for example I can take medicines and healing from influence but if I don’t care myself, if I don’t dress myself enough in winter, if my nutrition doesn’t change, I will fall ill again.

So why I have to start untargeted processes for improvement, why I have to leave meetings without any lists of activities to do? Why I have to settle and why I have to solve the problem approximately rather than eliminating the root cause of the problem?

Learning to be efficient, quick, concise to solve the problems, we have to learn a structure simple but complete, that could eliminate incoherent and interrupt processes of problem solving. We have to learn to write analysis, causes and solutions in a only one A3 sheet of paper and make it an effective business report that makes efficiency and economic growth for our company.

The problem resolution doesn’t mean that the problem solving process is finished, there is also another factor that Japaneses call Yokoten that is the action to disseminate information and so strengthen the culture learning from errors and from solved problems.

If you want there is the possibility to deepen this thematic during the training day dedicated to the Practical Problem Solving wich will take place the next Wednesday 15 of June 2016 among “Computec srl” at Lonato del Garda (BS).


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