Robotics industry now requires excellent performance appliances that are both compact and lightweight. For this reason, Vuototecnica has devised a serie of multi-stage and multi-function vacuum generators, this serie is characterized to firmness and limited bulkiness, although with a high suction capacity.

MVG vacuum generators, perfect for the use with gripping suction cup systems, allow also a big compressed air saving, thanks to its mode of operation.

Activating the compressed air micro-solenoid, the power generation creates the vacuum for use; when the default is reached, the digital vacuum switch (provided with display and commutation LEDs) acts on the electrical spool of the micro-solenoid and stops the air supply, reactivating it when the vacuum reaches the minimum level. A second indication of the vacuum switch, adjustable and autonomous with respect to the first, enables start of the cycle when the vacuum level reached is suitable for use. The work cycle completed, air supply from the generator is deactivated and, at the same time, the expulsion micro electric valve is activated in order to rapidly activate the atmospheric pressure for use.

It is also possible to increase the suction air flow capacity by adding door-nozzle frames to the generator and to reduce the consumption of air thanks to an energy saving cable. In the absence of electric current a one-way check valve maintains operation of the vacuum for use. Each component can be easily inspected thus ensuring all aspects are under control.

For more information, visit the product section of the Vuototecnica web site.


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