The light components offer to aerospace and automotive industry the instruments to reduce the energy costs and the emissions through the development of less heavy vehicles, and they provide other industrial sectors some flexible materials in order to develop new innovative instruments.

The fabrication of these high-tech light components was often a challenge; vibrations and pressure during the milling process often need manual intervention to finish the production, increasing the costs.

DYNAMILL project, finished the last October, tried to develop instruments efficient for costs both for safety for a mass production of thin parts with thin wall ideal for market fields with a good growth potential, for example the transport field, energy production field, and medical technology

The final result is represented by a new technological platform that offers the planning of all the project, new adaptive fastening devices and better cutting conditions. The process’ control is focused on an elevated damping and on a low arousal of vibrations of workpiece, while the planning is high supported by forefront software, incluse models to swing dynamics simulations in addition to computer aided manufacturing.

The new process systems include a magnetic fixing, and a fixing device for the manufacture of large turbines. Complex structures with s thin wall are been combined with high resistance materials, perfect for industries with requirements very high for the safety and the quality, for example the aviation.


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