Exporting isn’t a thing can you improvise. Before it’s necessary a market analysis which consists in a collection of activities, of analysis and presentation of datas or indicators significant for a specific country situation. In according to this, it will possibile create a helpful compass useful in the decision-making and management of company that would export.

In order to start to analyze the market we have to consider two ambients, the MACRO and the MICRO ambient: the macro ambient includes demography, economy, technology factor, legislation, politics and all these objective factors of the geographical area in question. In micro ambient includes actors present in that market, therefore supplier, intermediaries, clientele, competition, public operators and fairs.

But where can you find these informations for our market analysis?

  • Search engines
  • Databases
  • Brochure and competitor’s products
  • Trade magazines
  • Sectoral studies
  • Fairs
  • Customers
  • Supplier
  • Distributors

Other useful instruments could be mystery shoppers, focus groups, blind tests and interviews. When you have verified the macro and micro situation, it will be possible an appropriate Marketing Mix that will have to realized itself with strategic choices that will concern what kind of product give to the market considering the distribution channels, the prize for public, how face the sales, the advertising and the promotion, all the main factors that will converge in order to guarantee the success of our product.



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