It’s ok the sustainable mobility, the electrification of vehicles, but there is a time in which the car has to be exclusively a pleasure escape. So the Geneva Car Show, at least the portion dedicated to passionates, becomes the ideal showcase for own dreams. In this place the risk is the only rule and the progress and the intelligence do not have to necessarily be bound by strict rules.

The new Bugatti Chiron, with its 1500 horsepower, was been the undisputed queen of this last edition of Geneve Car Show. On the other hand, however, the power isn’t only data that manages high performance. This is the thought of Horacio Pagani, that at Swiss exposition presents the new Huayra BC, supercar with “only” 800 horsepower, that are responsible to push (engine is central and posterior) only 1.218 kg weight. A philosophy made even more extreme from Swedish Koenigsegg, that presents the definitive version of Regera; accompanied by unprecedented Agera “One of 1”.

2016 is the year of the new Aston Martin Db11. Elegance together with the energy of an supercharged engine V12. Tradition and innovation in the service of the pleasure. A unique style, because also knowing how to appear needs practical basis.

For who prefer to exaggerate whatever, despite coming across the Channel, there is the update version of Arash AF10. Hybrid technically but crowds from every other point of view. The car scheme is realized thanks to a combustion engine assisted by four electric units.

Different in the technique, similar for the fact that is a car (rather a concept) with a low environmental impact, is Pininfarina H2 Speed.

Uses the fuel cell technology, developed by a Swiss franc companies GreenGT. In the sustainability “match”, recognizes an important role the Italdesign GTZero, a sort of shooting brake coupè, equipped with three electric motors.

To close the overview of the most original cars seen in Geneva, is the Micro Microlino Prototype, a prototype of electric vehicles inspired to the famous Bnw Isotta.


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