In recent time there was a progressive increase of term Leadership’s use. Almost a fad then adding the word Lean, as if it was enough to transform everything in something better.

So has arrived the Shop Floor Management, structured for the processes that want add value to the product, in order to support leadership growth; it supports the sustainable development of these processes, where they happen, in gemba. The organized manager presence in the production areas, and their attention for possibility of deviation from the standard, shall ensure, on one hand, quick decisions and the direct implementation of the solutions, on the other hand, develops a constant growth of the corporate culture.

Why should you introduce a different mode of daily management?

  1. Because the market, that requests changes increasingly frequent, needs of a flexible and timely organization;
  2. To increase the competitiveness. The corporate culture can’t buy, but it’s necessary develop it,
  3. To maximaze objective specific skills typical of us Italians, that would otherwise be lost in individualism that sets us apart;
  4. Because too often managers give a contradictory message to their collaborators: “Does what I tell you, but do not do what I do”;

If you want it’s possible deepen this themes during the Road Show dedicated to Shop Floor Management which will take place the 1th on March 2016 among  “YOOX Net-A-Porter Group S.p.A.” at Zola Pedrosa (Bologna Interporto).

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